UCA and Stockholm School of Economics in Riga sign agreement of cooperation

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Bishkek, Feb. 15, 2018. /Kabar/. The University of Central Asia (UCA) and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) signed a memorandum of understanding on 14 February 2018 in Riga, Latvia. The intended areas of cooperation include development of curriculum for UCA’s undergraduate programme in Economics, faculty and student exchanges as well as research cooperation.

At the signing, Anders Rydin, Chairman of the SSE Riga Foundation, remarked “since 1994 when SSE Riga was established, it has undergone a few important steps in its development, and is now ready to share this experience and expand into Central Asia with this partnership”.

UCA is delighted to be entering into a formal partnership with SSE Riga, which is based in a country similar in size to some of the Central Asian countries we are operating in. We look forward to benefitting from their know-how in promoting the Small and Medium Enterprise economy and fostering an “entrepreneurial mindset” in our students, said Dr. Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of UCA.

The SSE Riga experience is fostering an “entrepreneurial mindset” among its students, which is evident in the success of its graduates and will provide important opportunities for teaching and learning at UCA”, said Dr. Diana Pauna, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at UCA and former Pro-Rector of SSE Riga.

Commenting on the Agreement, Dr. Anders Paalzow, President and Rector of SSE Riga, said “I am looking forward to the transfer of knowledge, and learning about an interesting region that is too often forgotten by many in Europe. It is also a good way for us to re-think our teaching and learning, and pursue research opportunities in Central Asia”.


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